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Many of our readers will now be curious to learn more about Android 11 for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. It will take some time before Samsung officially confirms which of its devices will get Android 11. However, we can make an educated guess on the devices that will be updated to the latest iteration of Android.Android 11 on Samsung

If you’re ready to get your Samsung phone or tablet running with Android 11, Google’s latest version of its operating system, here’s how to check for and download the update. Before you start, however, make sure your device is compatible with the new firmware.

What To Know

  • Open the app drawer, and then select Settings Software Update Download and install.
  • Turn on Auto-download over Wi-Fi to keep your device updated without repeating these steps.
  • Not all Samsung devices are compatible with Android 11.

How To Update to Android 11 on Samsung

Samsung devices place an overlay (OneUI) on top of the base Android OS which makes them work slightly differently from other phones and tablets. Here’s how to find, download, and install Android 11.

  1. From the home screen, swipe up to see your apps.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Scroll down and select Software Update.

  4. Tap Download and install.
  5. The next screen will check for an update and show you what’s in it. Select Download to continue.

  6. After the update downloads, tap Install now.

  7. Your phone will install the new OS and restart.

Which Devices Are Compatible With Android 11?

Not all Samsung phones and tablets can upgrade to this iteration of Android OS. The company currently offers three major upgrades on the majority of its phones and tablets, so if yours came with Android 9 or 10, you should be able to get the new version.

Here are Galaxy products that are definitely eligible, but it may not be complete. Phones and tablets as old as 2018 (for example, M-series phones) may also be able to get the upgrade, but you’ll only know for sure once your device successfully downloads and installs Android 11.


These A-series phones can get Android 11:

  • A90 5G.
  • A51 (base and 5G).
  • A71 (base and 5G).


The following models of Galaxy S-series phones can run Android 11:

  • S10 (base, e, Lite, +, and 5G).
  • S20 (+, 5G, 5G+, Ultra, and Ultra 5G).


All of Samsung’s foldable devices (also known as Z-series) should be able to upgrade.

  • Fold (base and 5G).
  • Z Flip (base and 5G).
  • Z Fold2 (base and 5G).


Here are the compatible Note-series phones:

  • Note 10 (base, Lite, 5G, and +).
  • Note 20 (base, 5G, Ultra, and Ultra 5G).


Recent Samsung tablets (Galaxy Tabs) can upgrade:

  • Tab S6 (base, Lite, and 5G).
  • Tab S7 (base, 5G, +, and + 5G).

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