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Why Nigerians are turning to alternative energy solution

It is so annoying been in a situation where you’re watching your favorite episode on Telemundo or Sports Channels or probably watching the breaking news from your cable Tv and PHCN strikes as usual, then you start to think about an alternative energy solution.alternative energy solution

As we wait for the PHCN (energy companies) to fulfill the promise of a stable and steady power supply in Nigeria, we have to help ourselves with innovative options available that makes us less dependent on the inefficient public power supply.

Sincerely, with the frequent black-outs across the nation today Inverters and Solar Panels are now more of a necessity than a luxury appliance.

Inverters and Solar Panels are now referred to as the ‘21st century alternative source of power in Nigeria’. Due to its pollution-free capabilities, they are alternative powers every household should have especially for homes with small children.

Inverters today also support solar power system as they convert DC power generated by solar panels and store it in batteries. These get transformed to power which can be used for home appliances.

More Nigerians are craving for alternative energy solution to end the PHCN epileptic power supply. These needs gave birth to a growing solar energy startup HAFFORD TECHNOLOGY whom is striving to solve the inconsistent power supply by providing reliable & cost effective solar & inverter solution. Our mission is to connect over 5,000 homes & business yearly.

 “Here are a few tips to know when acquiring an inverter or solar system solution”

How to choose an inverter or a solar panel for your home

  • Price consideration

You certaintly want to consider  cost but most importantly, you want to make sure you get value for every cent paid. If you buy cheap product and it turns out a disaster, that’s a sunk cost. Hence one might argue quality products are not cheap. Yeah that’s what everyone think but At  HAFFORD TECHNOLOGY, we question that norm by offering quality solar/ inveter solutions for an alternative energy solution at the most affordable cost.

  • Define your critical needs:

What do you want to power with an inverter or your solar panel? What are your most important needs to power with your inverter or solar panels? You can use fans in place of air conditioners, for instance. You can use energy-saving bulbs in place of the regular tubes you have. You can run your freezer when there is public supply but keep it off the inverter. Simply put, with pragmatic selection, you can trim to an inverter capacity you can afford.

With such careful evaluation, most homes can scale down to a 1.4KVA/ 2.5KVA inverter. That applies to small offices, too. Configure to your most basic and critical needs so you can begin to enjoy the enormous value inverters offer.

What brand of inverters do you need?

Some of the names available in the Nigerian market and on, PRAG, Sukam,  Mpower, Luminous, Mpower, Felicity Solar  etc.

Can you identify any users of the inverter brand and do they have a good story to tell about its performance? But you don’t need to worry because Hafford Technology is an authorized dealers for these major inverter & solar brands in Nigeria. We got you covered.

Technical support available?

Yes! At Hafford Technology, we offer you post sales technical support on any inverter/solar solution that you purchase from us.

Got warranty?

No matter the brand you are considering or buying from us, we have a huge stock of it and it comes with 12 months warranty.  We won’t leave you stranded.

So, there it goes. What are you waiting for? Quickly get in touch with us for a cost effective solar & inverter solution.

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