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How to Add Money to Venmo


How to Add Money to Venmo, No Venmo Balance? Here’s how to add funds and get back in businessAdd Money to Venmo

This article explains how to add funds to your Venmo account in different ways.

What to Know

  • You can add funds to your Venmo account from your bank, from a bank credit or debit card, or from a Venmo debit card.
  • The fastest way to add funds is from a debit or credit card.
  • Using a bank account requires confirmation of micro-transfers from Venmo; those can take a full business day to complete.

Adding Funds to Venmo via Your Bank; Add Money to VenmoAdd Money to Venmo

The first option for funding your Venmo purchases is by linking your bank account to your account. While Venmo will default to using your balance in the app first, if your balance doesn’t cover your purchase then you can add your bank account as an option to transfer the funds.

  1. Tap the hamburger menu () at the top of the Venmo app

  2. Tap Settings and then Payment Methods

  3. Tap Add a bank or card…

  4. Tap Bank

  5. Choose a verification method

Entering your login information for your bank may allow you to verify instantly; otherwise, Venmo will send micro-transfers of < $2 to your account to confirm your identity. The micro-transfers take a business day to go through, so you won’t be able to start paying anyone instantly.

The other benefit of adding funds through your bank account is that it’s a two-way street; you can also transfer your Venmo balance over to your bank account. So if you’re using Venmo to have your roommate pay their portion of the rent you’ll be able to move it over to your bank account instead of having hundreds sitting in your Venmo balance.

Add a Debit or Credit Card to Fund Your Venmo Account; Add Money to VenmoAdd Money to Venmo

You can also add a debit or major credit card to your Venmo profile, allowing you to make purchases through the app that are paid by your card.

  1. Tap the ☰ in the upper left of the Venmo app

  2. Go to Settings and tap Payment Methods

  3. Choose Add bank or card… and then tap Card

  4. Enter your card information manually or with your phone camera

Entering a credit or debit card will not require micro-transfers to verify the source, so it is the faster of the two options if you’re in a hurry to make a Venmo purchase.

Users should know that credit cards are subject to a 3% fee in Venmo, unless being used at a Venmo-approved merchant.

Other Options to Fund Venmo Accounts; Add Money to VenmoAdd Money to Venmo

Venmo also offers their own “card” which has an auto-reload feature in $10 increments, if you choose to apply for the card and enable that feature. This option will look at your balance and add more money from your bank, in $10 chunks, if your balance won’t cover your purchase. Any excess funds from the reloaded funds will wait in your account for your next purchase.

You can easily be a Venmo user who only uses their bank account or a personal card to fund their purchases. Pick the method that you’re most comfortable with, watch out for the credit card fee on large purchases, and you’re good to go.

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