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How to Access OneDrive From Anywhere


Find your files from any deviceOneDrive App

Microsoft’s OneDrive service allows you to store your files in the cloud for fast access when on the go. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, a Mac or Windows computer, or even an Xbox, you can access your photos, videos, and files stored on OneDrive.

How to Access OneDrive on Windows PCsOneDrive App

Microsoft’s Windows PCs have OneDrive pre-installed and ready for action as soon as you boot up your computer. With the ability to sync your existing documents and other folders to the cloud, Microsoft has made the setup a breeze.

  1. Open the Start Menu and search for OneDrive.

  2. Once the application appears, select it to open it.

    If you’ve never used OneDrive before, you’ll be prompted to set up the application by entering your email address.

  3. Once signed into OneDrive, your computer will notify you where the folder is located on your PC. Select Next.

  4. OneDrive will ask which folders you wish to keep in sync with the cloud; the folders you choose will be backed up and accessible from other devices. Select the checkbox next to the folders you wish to sync.

    Alternately, select the Sync all files and folders option to keep all your documents in the cloud. Select Next to continue.

  5. Open File Explorer and view the OneDrive folder to see all content backed up to the cloud. Any files or folders with a green checkmark have been successfully backed up, while those with a circular arrow are still uploading to the cloud.

How to Use OneDrive on Mac

If you have an Apple Mac, Microsoft hasn’t left you out of the game. You can download and install the OneDrive application from Microsoft’s website and begin syncing your files just as you would on a PC.

  1. Start by downloading OneDrive for Mac, and installing the application by double-clicking the OneDrive.pkg file. This will launch the setup dialogue.

  2. Once OneDrive is installed, launch Spotlight Search by pressing CMD [space bar] or by selecting the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner.

    You can also find OneDrive in the Applications folder in Finder or in the Launchpad.

  3. Type “OneDrive,” and press the Enter key.

  4. If you’ve never used OneDrive before, you will be prompted to set up the application by entering your email address.

  5. Once signed into OneDrive, it will ask where you wish the OneDrive folder to be located on your Mac. Select Choose OneDrive Folder Location and select your preferred location.

    We recommend your Home folder.

  6. OneDrive will notify you where the folder is located on your Mac. Select Next.

  7. Select Open my OneDrive to see your synced files and folders. Anything you save to this folder will be uploaded to your Microsoft cloud.

Access OneDrive on iOS or Android

One of the greatest features of cloud storage is being able to access your files from your mobile device. Microsoft has made the OneDrive app available to users of both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Begin by downloading the OneDrive app for either iOS or Android. iPhone and iPad users can search for OneDrive within the App Store, while Android users can find it within the Play Store.

  2. Once the OneDrive app is installed, launch it from your device’s home screen. You’ll be presented with the option to log in to the service using your email address.

  3. OneDrive may ask if you wish to automatically back up your device’s camera roll to the cloud. Choose Yes or No depending on your personal preference.

  4. Select the Files tab, or menu option, to view all files available on your OneDrive account.

Use OneDrive on Xbox One

Looking to view your photos and videos on the big screen? If you have an Xbox One, you can easily bring content to your television. Additionally, gamers can now easily upload recorded gameplay to OneDrive for easy access.

  1. Begin by navigating to the Store tab on your Xbox One.

  2. Select the Apps tile from the available list.

  3. Next, locate and select the OneDrive app. It’s represented by a picture of white clouds on a blue background.

  4. Install the OneDrive app by selecting the Get it FREE button.

  5. Once installed, view and open OneDrive from your Xbox App list.

  6. Begin browsing your photos and videos from the cloud.

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