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WhatsApp has changed up the end dates for EOL of device support, and adds an iPhone to a list of unsupported devices.Whatsapp

As we told you way back in February, WhatsApp was discontinuing support for 5 mobile operating systems. Amongst these OS’s was our own beloved BB10. Support was to end at the end of 2016, and since this was announced, BB10 users have been receiving a persistent message from WhatsApp to change platforms to continue using their service.

It seems those plans have changed since the original announcement. One thing that we have noticed, was that the WhatsApp app has continued to be updated for BB10, even while everyone has expected the app to stop working at the end of the year. The original list of platforms which would lose support was as follows;

  • BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10
  • Nokia S40
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • Android 2.1 and Android 2.2
  • Windows Phone 7.1

That list of platforms has now changed, as well as when that support will end for a few. The platforms which WhatsApp shall end support for at the end of 2016 are Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7, and iPhone 3GS/iOS 6

Strange to see that an iPhone was added to the list with no fanfare. More importantly, BlackBerry get’s an extension. BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 shall be supported until June 30, 2017.

Perhaps user’s weren’t leaving their platforms fast enough for WhatsApp and they’re hoping more will move before they end support? Or perhaps the developers just like developing for BB10? Who knows? Whatever happened, BB10 WhatsApp users have just gained an additional 6 months of support for their app.

We will remind BB10 users once again, that even when, and if, WhatsApp actually discontinues support for BB10, the WhatsApp android app works very well on BB10. Those that love BB10 and use WhatsApp, do not have to worry about losing out on the service when support ends.

Personally, I would suggest that BB10 WhatsApp users take this additional 6 months to transition friends and family to BBM. After all, if WhatsApp is choosing not to support you the user, why should you choose to support them? Especially when there is a better choice out there?

Take challenge! How many WhatsApp users can you get on BBM in 6 months?

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