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The Difference Between RAM and Processor

If you have been meaning to upgrade your machine, yet are unsure what to choose between CPU and RAM, read onwards for help.


Despite all the years they have been around, people are still confused about what a processor and ram do for their CPU’s. The thing is both are essential in building up any kind of computer. They function differently, but need to be in sync in doing so.

This article will provide information on what each component does and on the differences in performance as a result of these upgrades.


RAM is a medium of primary storage. Whenever, we want to perform some task , memory is first loaded in RAM before hard drive. The more RAM means the more memory will be stored by it and it will be capable of circulating the memory fast. Its memory storage system is volatile by default. It hold information and processed data until you are working on your computer. When you will shut down your system all memory will be erased automatically. It stores all the memory up to a limit. After reaching a specific limit, it will erased the old useless  memory for new memory.


Processor is the operating system of a computer which process the input and saved data. Whenever we command a task to computer, the processor starts to process the task according to given instructions. It can perform multi task at the same time. Either you type or play a music, all these are performed by the processor. All the functions are processed by its two main function ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) and CU (Control Unit). Its basic unit is GHz. It means it can perform one billion cycles of instructions in one second. The more you will update the processor, the more it will be able to perform high cycles per second. At that time, AMD, ARM and Intel are manufacturing different kinds of processor.

Difference Between RAM and Processor:

Following are the difference between both.

  • Processor is assigned with instructions of processing the task while RAM actually run the program.
  • Processor does not hold any memory either system is on or off. RAM holds temporary memory until system is on and erase automatically all memory when system shutdown. That’s why it is called Random Access Memory.
  • Processor is more expensive than RAM.
  • A special fan is required for processor because it got heated after sometime. Sometimes a special gel is mandatory to keep it cool. There is no concept of heat and requirement of fan and gel in case of RAM.
  • Upgrading the RAM is more easier than processor. Processor can be upgrade on one condition if your motherboard can support.
  • Although both RAM and processor are integral part of computer. However, processor can be slightly important from RAM in that sense it runs the whole system while RAM just performed the memory matters.
  • Having high processor means the fast processing speed while having high RAM means the more capability of holding the data.
  • Processor is not universally accepted by every system. For example if your motherboard supports only Intel processor, it will not able to support AMD or ARM processor. While RAM is widely acceptable. There is no requirement of specific RAM for motherboard.

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